Isles of Scilly - Samson Flats
Porth Askin, Wingletang Down, St Agnes

"this beautiful, incredible world inspires ..."

Colin lives by the sea in Cornwall. He loved to draw and paint ever since he could hold a pencil and brush. His previous career as an airbrush illustrator formed the foundation for his love of art. Now he paints the beauty of the world around him, mostly in oils. Recently inspiration comes from time spent on the Isles of Scilly.

Current themes express the unique beauty, serenity and mystique of the islands and waters there.

'Gugh Sandbar' oil on canvas 41x56cm
'St Martin's Dreamscape' oil on canvas 51x112cm
'Isles of Scilly Waters' oil on canvas 92x112cm

Isles of Scilly gallery


Expressing myself through abstract shapes and colours whilst listening to music has enabled a new freedom of creative expression. These latest pieces came as I listened to Beethoven’s piano sonatas.